We have been providing contact lens care in Central New York, for over 70 years

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The latest technology in contact lens care.

We have been providing contact lens care in Central New York, for over 70 years. Our nationally recognized doctors have participated in numerous Food and Drug Administration (FDA) investigations of new contact lens designs, materials and care products.

Great care. 

We offer an extensive range of contact lens materials, designs and services. From the simplest cosmetic contact lenses, to the most sophisticated therapeutic contact lenses, our expertise enables our patients to maintain optimum eye health, clarity of vision and ocular comfort. After being successfully fit with contact lenses, patients are carefully monitored during contact lens follow-up care to achieve optimum visual performance.

State of the art. 

Our offices employ corneal digital topography mapping systems. Until now, corneal curvature measurements were based on 4 points of the cornea. The new digital mapping system evaluates corneal shape by measuring over 6,000 points. This exact mapping creates a digital mold of the cornea that can then be utilized to perform computer assisted contact lens design. This method allows our doctors to “virtually” evaluate a proposed contact lens fit and also allows for modification of the design before the lenses are actually ordered.


All contact lens wearers are “mapped” at their initial visit to create a baseline map. Baseline maps can be used at a future date to create a “difference map” to help evaluate contact lens and other corneal conditions. Mapping procedures are also used by our doctors to monitor LASIK laser refractive surgery patients during progress visits.

Cosmetic Contact Lens

  • Contact Lens Fitting, Dispensing, and Management
  • One day disposable soft lenses (also for astigmatism)
  • Disposable and planned replacement soft lenses
  • Conventional soft and gas permeable lenses
  • Color changing or enhancing soft lenses
  • Astigmatic soft and gas permeable lenses
  • Bifocal and progressive lenses
  • Night and Day continuous wear 30 day lenses
  • Softperm (combination soft and gas permeable) lenses

Therapeutic contact lens designs include contact lenses utilized in the rehabilitation of the following conditions:

  • Contact Lens Fitting, Dispensing, and Management
  • Keratoconus
  • Adult and pediatric aphakia (post cataract extraction)
  • High nearsightedness or farsightedness
  • Post trauma or surgery (Bandage contact lenses)
  • Albinism (artificial iris and pupil)

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