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Services we provide

Vision Therapy

Vision therapy (also known as vision training) is an optometric specialty utilized to develop, improve, and enhance visual performance. Individuals with poor visual skills can benefit from vision skill development, or patients such as athletes with normal vision skills can reach their full potential with vision skill enhancement to achieve exceptional visual performance.

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  • Vision (Orthoptic) Therapy
  • Visual-Perceptual Skill Evaluation
  • Post Concussion Therapy
  • Strabismus and Amblyopia Therapy

Eye Exams & Surgeries

Every comprehensive eye examination at Savedoff, Ciccone, & Davis will assess the health of your eyes.

  • Complete Family Vision Care
  • Post Traumatic / Surgical Vision Disorders
  • Strabismus and Amblyopia Evaluation and Management
  • Post Concussion Visual Evaluation and Management
  • Occupational Vision Needs Assessment
  • Pediatric and Developmental Vision Evaluation

Ocular Diseases

Ocular diseases are those that affect the eye health and vision in patients of all different ages. Protect your eyes by having a regular annual vision examination. Call us for an appointment today.

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  • Glaucoma Detection and Medical Treatment
  • Eye Health Evaluation and Medical Treatment
  • Cataract Surgery Co-management
  • Visual Field Assessment and Management
  • Macula Degeneration Detection and Management

Laser / Lasik Surgery

Patients who are nearsighted, farsighted or astigmatic may benefit from this type of procedure.

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  • Laser Optic Nerve Fiber Analysis (OCT)
  • Laser Macula Analysis (OCT)
  • Refractive Laser Surgery (LASIK) Co-management

Contact Lenses

We offer an extensive range of contact lens materials, designs and services. From the simplest cosmetic contact lenses, to the most sophisticated therapeutic contact lenses, our expertise enables our patients to maintain optimum eye health, clarity of vision and ocular comfort.

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  • Contact Lens Fitting, Dispensing, and Management
  • Keratoconus and Hard-to-Fit Contact lens Care
  • Contact Lens Laboratory Facilities


We can provide you with the highest quality vision correction, and the perfect eye wear style to fit your life.

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  • Full Optical Services – Designer and Value Frames

Sport Vision

Vision and visual skills play a critical role in athletic performance.

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  • Sports Vision Enhancement Training

Computers & Vision

At both home and the office, patients are spending an increasing portion of their day using computers.

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  • Computer Workstation Consultation
  • Blue Light Protective Lenses

Other services

  • Computerized Corneal Topography Mapping
  • Retinal Evaluation and Photography

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